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Styling Your Houseplants

One of the best ways to beat the winter “blahs” is to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. Houseplants provide so many benefits from boosting your mental health to purifying the air you breathe. But acquiring plants and then knowing what to do with them are two...

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Easy Weekend Cleaning Projects

Have you made any progress toward your New Year’s resolution of keeping your house clean? It’s definitely a worthy goal for the New Year, but it’s also one that can be tough to keep. If you’re like most people, cleaning isn’t one of your favorite activities. So it can...

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Top Tips for Selling a Small Home

While tiny homes were all the rage just a couple of years ago, the pandemic has shifted what home buyers want. With so much of our lives spent at home these days, bigger houses are in demand. So what happens if you’re a homeowner trying to sell a small home? If you’re...

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