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Home Selling

Start Planning Your 2022 Home Sale

Is selling your home one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2022? Now is a great time to list your home. We’ve been in a seller’s market for quite some time, and that trend will likely continue well into the coming year. But even though the market favors sellers, it’s...

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Say Goodbye To These Organizing Trends

We know that interior design styles come and go. But did you know that the way we organize our homes is also subject to the whims of our times? It’s true! While Marie Kondo has been inspiring people to determine what “sparks joy” for them, it is simply one organizing...

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Easy Summer Curb Appeal Ideas

Summer is the best time to amp up the curb appeal of your home! Whether you’re about to sell your home or you just want to make it more inviting, there are easy ways to make the exterior of your home look great. Summer is all about easy living, so we’ve compiled our...

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Top Tips for Selling a Small Home

While tiny homes were all the rage just a couple of years ago, the pandemic has shifted what home buyers want. With so much of our lives spent at home these days, bigger houses are in demand. So what happens if you’re a homeowner trying to sell a small home? If you’re...

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