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Home Features Worth the Investment

With so much uncertainty in 2020, we can understand how everyone wants to make their dollars stretch. While investing in your home makes financial sense, there are some features that are worth more in the end than others. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, or simply upgrading your current home, it’s good to know which renovations bring the biggest bang for your buck. Here are our top choices for home features that are worth the investment.

Outdoor living space

Since we’ve spent so much time at home this year, it’s no surprise that outdoor living space has become a feature worth investing in. With many of us still working and going to school from home, it’s great to have an outdoor space to go to where you can relax. The good news is that upgrading your outdoor space doesn’t have to break the bank. Think about adding features like a deck, a vegetable garden, fruit trees, and comfortable places to sit and dine.


Nothing perks up a space like a new coat of paint. But not all paints are created equal. In fact, choosing the cheapest paint will often give you unfavorable results. Not only will the coverage be streaky, but you may also end up using more paint – which will end up costing you more money. It’s best to invest in high-quality paint when tackling any painting project. Not only will it give you a streak-free finish, but you may also only need one coat which will save you time.

New windows

Another home feature that’s worth the investment is new windows. This is especially true if your current windows are original to the home. There have been major improvements in the quality of windows in recent years, and it can save you big. In fact, new windows not only make your home more comfortable, but it can also net you up to 15 percent more for your home when it comes time to sell. While new windows may not seem like the most exciting home improvement project, they are well worth the money.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades

Some room renovations have a better return on investment than others. That is certainly true for kitchens and bathrooms. If you really want to overhaul a room, then these two should be at the top of your list. Keep in mind that it’s important to invest in materials and appliances that will stand the test of time. These two rooms see a lot of activity and need to withstand constant use.

Good contractors

Finally, one of the most important things you can spend money on when it comes to upgrading your home is a good contractor. If you’re going to invest serious money in a home improvement project, then you want to know that it will be done right. Choosing the perfect contractor is a big decision and can impact how happy you are with the finished product. Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations, and be sure to research any contractors you are considering.

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