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Get the Coastal Grandmother Vibe at Home

Have you heard about the “Coastal Grandmother” aesthetic that is currently sweeping through social media? This latest trend borrows heavily from Nancy Meyers’ films like “It’s Complicated” and “Something’s Gotta Give”. Think relaxing beach days spent lounging around in comfortable linen clothing and cooking rustic meals in farmhouse kitchens. You certainly don’t have to be a grandmother or live on the beach to enjoy this trend. In fact, people of all ages are finding ways to incorporate the Coastal Grandmother style in their homes. Here’s how you can do it, too.

What is the Coastal Grandmother style?

Simply put, the Coastal Grandmother style is based on the aesthetic of wealthy, middle-aged women who live in spacious beachfront homes. Just think of Diane Keaton in “Something’s Gotta Give” and you’ve got it. The style incorporates linen, cashmere, gardens, wine, farmers’ markets, fresh-cooked meals, natural elements, and soft jazz.

Use cozy bedding

There’s a scene in “Somethings’ Gotta Give” where Diane Keaton gets in bed and you can just see how luxurious her sheets are. To get the Coastal Grandmother vibe at home, start in the bedroom with some cozy bedding. Linen sheets, a down comforter, and a cashmere throw on your bed will make you never want to leave it.

Worn but classic furniture

The Coastal Grandmother style emphasizes high-quality, lived-in furniture. Vintage furniture in classic styles elevates a room but makes it feel relaxed. Choose natural wood finishes and neutral fabrics to help capture the beachfront vibe that makes this style so appealing. You can score great vintage furniture at low prices by shopping secondhand – or simply raid your grandmother’s attic!

Natural materials

One of the things that makes the Coastal Grandmother style so appealing is its emphasis on natural materials. Natural materials like stone can feel both elegant and earthy. Consider serving dinner in stoneware plates and bowls, or display flowers from your garden in a stoneware vase. Rattan is another great choice to get the Coastal Grandmother look. Use rattan furniture, baskets, or even pendant lights to capture the essence of this style.


Coastal Grandmothers are famous for wearing linen. But linen isn’t just limited to your wardrobe. It can be used in many places around your home. As we mentioned above, linen sheets are a luxurious choice for your bed. You can also invest in breezy linen curtains that will diffuse the sunlight and add a bit of romance to your home. Linen towels, placemats, and napkins are another way to incorporate the look into your living space.

Abundant gardens

You don’t have to have the same garden as Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated” – though it certainly wouldn’t hurt! Her character in that film is often seen tending to her beautiful garden and using the fruits, vegetables, and flowers she harvests inside her home. You can still get the same effect on a smaller scale with potted herbs in your kitchen or a small garden on your balcony. You’ll be amazed at how much you can harvest from a small space!

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