My favorite thing about working in real estate is getting to be a match maker. I love hearing the clients stories about their “why” and what their next home will mean to them, and when they say “yes” to a home I have showed them it’s confirmation that their next adventure is about to begin. True love, real estate edition. The best thing about Sell757 is the strength of our team members. Each member of the team brings an amazing strength to the team in a way that is unique to them and together it makes our team super productive, super focused, and super dialed in on the the clients needs. My favorite past time is to quilt, especially creating Legacy Quilts. Being able to take a box of t-shirts and turn it into a one of a kind quilt to be cherished for years to come is very fulfilling. My favorite food is fried rice. I could eat fried rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. Culinary perfection. One of my greatest mentors is a friend named Kathy. She has amazing wisdom and has been there for me to pave the way to parenting confidence. She has a way of reframing and refocusing my thoughts from what I think to what is really important.

Susan’s favorite quote: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

Susan’s favorite book: The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer